TCGLS – SAP on AWS Greenfield Implementation with Computer System Validation

Executive Summary

TCG Lifesciences Pvt. Limited, a key player in global Contract Research and CDMO services, initiated operations in 2001. With a strong presence in Kolkata, India, and a global reach spanning the United States, Europe, and Japan, TCG Lifesciences specializes in innovative R&D services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and related industries. To enhance operational excellence, the company chose AeonX Digital as its partner for a seamless SAP S/4 HANA migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), addressing complexities in Computer System Validation 

Customer Challenge

TCGLS faced the intricate challenge of not only implementing SAP S/4 HANA but seamlessly migrating SAP workloads to AWS. The evaluation of AWS as a hyperscaler partner added layers of complexity. In their pursuit of operational excellence, TCGLS needed a partner capable of providing comprehensive SAP workload migration, managed services for infrastructure, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards through Computer System Validation. 

AeonX's Solution

AeonX Digital stepped in with a transformative solution encompassing the Architecting and Provisioning of AWS Infrastructure for SAP S/4 HANA workloads. The meticulous Deployment of SAP workloads on AWS Cloud was executed seamlessly. AeonX not only provided managed services for AWS infrastructure but also leveraged its cloud partner, Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd, to deliver AWS IaaS. The crucial inclusion of Computer System Validation ensured that every facet of the migration aligned with regulatory standards, fostering a robust and compliant SAP on AWS Greenfield Implementation. 

Results & Benefits 

The collaborative endeavors between TCGLS and AeonX Digital resulted in the successful implementation of SAP on AWS Greenfield. The migration process, seamlessly executed with thorough Computer System Validation, ushered in a new era of operational excellence for TCGLS. The enhanced efficiency, scalability, and reliability of their SAP environment on AWS have significantly bolstered TCGLS’s capabilities, providing a secure and compliant foundation for their operations. AeonX’s holistic approach not only addressed immediate challenges but also strategically positioned TCGLS for long-term success in their digital transformation journey. 

This triumphant collaboration solidified AeonX Digital as the go-to partner for SAP workload management and AWS infrastructure optimization, showcasing their commitment to delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses for sustained growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.