Seamless SAP Migration to AWS Cloud with High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Executive Summary

Established in 2003, SOVEREIGN Pharma is a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) renowned for producing high-quality injectables globally. With a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility, SOVEREIGN Pharma specializes in terminally sterilized and aseptically filled injectables, serving pharmaceutical companies worldwide. To meet evolving industry demands, SOVEREIGN continually invests in upgrading its facilities and systems, recently implementing SAP, LIMS, QMS, and DMS at its manufacturing site. Complementing SOVEREIGN’s dedication to excellence is Kairish Innotech, known for its technology-driven approach in designing and manufacturing customized machines and medical devices. This partnership exemplifies a commitment to innovation and quality, positioning both companies as leaders in their respective fields.

Customer Challenge

1. SOVEREIGN Pharma faced increased customer base and product demand, necessitating modernization to remain competitive.

2. Kairish Innotech aimed to enhance its technological infrastructure, including migrating SAP S/4 HANA workloads to a hyperscale cloud platform for scalability and reliability.

3. Identifying AWS as the preferred cloud partner, Kairish Innotech sought end-to-end migration services and managed infrastructure operations.

4. Objectives included leveraging cloud scalability, establishing robust disaster recovery (DR), and ensuring optimal performance and security.

AeonX's Solution

1. Architecting and Provisioning Resilient AWS Infrastructure:

AeonX meticulously designs and provisions a robust AWS infrastructure tailored to the specific requirements of SAP applications. The architecture is engineered to be scalable, resilient, and optimized for performance, ensuring uninterrupted operation of SAP S/4 HANA workloads. Implementing high availability features such as Multi-AZ deployment and redundant components to minimize single points of failure and enhance fault tolerance.

2. Seamless Migration of SAP Workloads:

AeonX executes a meticulous migration plan to seamlessly transfer SAP applications and data to the AWS Cloud. Leveraging AWS migration tools and best practices, disruptions to business operations are minimized during the migration process. Employing strategies such as live migrations and phased approaches to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining data integrity and consistency.

3. Managed Services for AWS Infrastructure:

AeonX provides comprehensive managed services for AWS infrastructure, adhering to agreed terms and service level agreements (SLAs). Our team of certified AWS experts monitors, optimizes, and maintains the AWS environment, ensuring peak performance and reliability. Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities enable us to address any issues promptly and proactively, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

4. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions:

Implementing high availability configurations such as Auto Scaling and load balancing to ensure continuous availability and fault tolerance. Configuring robust disaster recovery solutions using AWS services like Amazon S3 for data backup and Amazon RDS for database replication. Establishing automated failover mechanisms and recovery procedures to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. By implementing this comprehensive solution, KIPL benefits from a modern, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for its SAP S/4 HANA workloads in the AWS Cloud. AeonX’s expertise in AWS cloud architecture, migration, and managed services enables KIPL to unlock new levels of agility, efficiency, and innovation, driving growth and success in the competitive pharmaceutical industry

Improved Performance and Reliability: By migrating SAP systems to AWS, KIPL experienced enhanced performance and reliability. This included a 50% reduction in response times, leading to increased productivity. Downtime was minimized by 70%, ensuring uninterrupted operations and enhancing system stability.

Enhanced Scalability and Elasticity: AWS provided unparalleled scalability and elasticity, allowing KIPL to scale resources as needed. This resulted in a 35% improvement in resource utilization, ensuring optimal performance without unnecessary costs.

Cost Savings Through Optimization: Migrating to AWS enabled KIPL to optimize resource utilization, leading to a 40% reduction in infrastructure expenses. Leveraging AWS’s pay-as you-go model and cost optimization tools, KIPL achieved efficient resource management, reducing overall expenses.

High Availability and Reliability: AWS’s robust disaster recovery capabilities ensured high availability and reliability of SAP systems. Implementing a well-designed disaster recovery setup reduced Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by 50%, minimizing the impact of potential disruptions and maintaining business continuity