Konark Group’s SAP Workload Migration to AWS Cloud

Executive Summary

Konark Group, a distinguished manufacturer with a turnover exceeding 200 crores
($50 million), operates across 11 manufacturing units spanning several states in India.
With a diverse portfolio ranging from Herbal Extracts & Health Care to HID Luminaries,
Konark Group has upheld a legacy of quality and innovation since its inception in 1972.
Recognizing the need to modernize its operations, Konark Group embarked on a
journey to migrate its SAP infrastructure to the AWS cloud, aiming to leverage cloud
scalability and reliability.

Customer Challenge

Konark Group recognized the need to modernize its operations to remain competitive
in manufacturing. To leverage SAP S/4 HANA effectively and ensure business
continuity, it migrated to AWS for its scalability and reliability.
Partnering with AWS and a managed services provider, Konark Group aimed to achieve
strategic objectives: leveraging cloud scalability and agility, establishing a robust DR
setup, and entrusting infrastructure management for optimal performance and
This collaboration led to significant benefits, including reduced disaster recovery
times, increased reliability, and enhanced operational efficiency, positioning Konark
Group as a trailblazer in its industry.

AeonX's Solution

AeonX executed a meticulous migration plan to seamlessly transfer Konark Group’s SAP
applications and data to the AWS Cloud. Leveraging AWS migration tools and best practices,
they minimized disruption to business operations while ensuring a smooth transition.
Strategies such as live migrations and phased approaches mitigated downtime, and data
migration techniques maintained the reliability of Konark Group’s SAP infrastructure.
Additionally, Konark Group sought managed services for their AWS infrastructure,
entrusting AeonX Digital to ensure optimal performance and reliability through proactive
monitoring, regular updates, and security enhancements.


Konark Group’s collaboration with AeonX Digital yielded significant benefits. The
organization experienced increased reliability with cloud-based SAP Disaster Recovery (DR)
and High Availability (HA) solutions, ensuring uninterrupted critical operations. Disaster
recovery times were drastically reduced, bolstering business continuity. The flexibility of the
cloud allowed Konark to adapt its DR and HA strategies as needed, reducing costs while
enhancing security. The ease of cloud management freed up IT resources for other projects.
In addition to the immediate gains, Konark Group capitalized on the wealth of data at its
disposal, leveraging online tutorials to expand its knowledge of SAP and AWS. The company
ventured into IoT technologies for predictive maintenance, further enhancing operational
efficiency and innovation.
RTO point is near to 0, Konark Group successfully reduced its disaster recovery time by
and achieved a 30% cost reduction in IT infrastructure maintenance.
Konark Group’s journey with AeonX Digital showcases a compelling transformation story,
where modernization, cost-efficiency, and innovation converge to future-proof the business.
The seamless integration of SAP on AWS positions Konark Group as a trailblazer in its
industry, capable of harnessing the full potential of technology to drive growth and

AWS Pricing Calculator ≥ $100K AWS annual recurring revenue
(ARR) for the migrated workloads: