Jash India’s SAP on AWS Migration: A Tale of Transformation

Executive Summary

Jash Engineering Limited, a stalwart in manufacturing equipment for diverse industries, sought to overcome the challenges of service variety, regional availability, and integration complexities while leveraging SAP HANA on their Azure platform. Eager for the benefits of scalability, global infrastructure, and high availability, they turned to AeonX to orchestrate a seamless migration to AWS, ensuring reliability and a robust Disaster Recovery setup. 

Customer Challenge

Jash India faced numerous challenges on their Azure platform, from service variety concerns to integration challenges and response time issues. Seeking scalability, global infrastructure, and streamlined operations, they aspired to migrate to AWS. The migration posed complex needs, from infrastructure assessment and cloud readiness evaluation to robust security implementations, making the challenge multifaceted and intricate. 

AeonX's Solution

AeonX’s approach, outlined in the Mobilize phase, involved a meticulous cloud readiness assessment, architecture design, and security planning. The strategic implementation included the deployment of SAP workloads across AWS environments—Sandbox for controlled testing, DEV for efficient development, Quality for rigorous testing, and Production for stable operations. AeonX also introduced a Pilot Light DR strategy, ensuring business continuity. Managed services for AWS infrastructure, facilitated by AeonX’s cloud partner, Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd, addressed the holistic needs of Jash India.

Results and Benefits:  

In the Migrate & Modernize phase, AeonX orchestrated a seamless transition. The milestones—Estimate, Sandbox, Development, Quality Assurance, Production, and Go Live—ensured a systematic and risk-mitigated migration. Jash India witnessed improved SAP performance, scalability, and cost optimization. The optimized architecture and streamlined processes empowered Jash India with a future-ready SAP landscape. AeonX’s expertise not only met Jash India’s expectations but positioned them for sustained success in the dynamic digital landscape, exemplifying the power of innovation in cloud migration. 

This case study exemplifies how AeonX’s strategic approach and AWS expertise transformed Jash India’s SAP landscape, setting new standards for efficiency and scalability in the realm of cloud migration.