CK Birla Hospitals – MHEA HIS Application Implementation.

Executive Summary

CK Birla Hospitals (CKBH) faced unique challenges in managing its Hospital Management System (HMS) and the entire healthcare infrastructure, hosted on the AWS cloud. High spikes in workload demanded a scalable and resilient solution to ensure optimal performance. AeonX Digital took on the responsibility of managing the infrastructure, specifically focusing on server resources deployed in an autoscaling group. This involved closely monitoring the health and network aspects of the system to address challenges and enhance overall efficiency. 

Customer Challenges

CKBH encountered challenges related to the management of its healthcare infrastructure on the AWS cloud. The dynamic nature of healthcare operations led to unpredictable spikes in workload, necessitating an effective autoscaling solution. The hospital faced difficulties in maintaining consistent server performance, and there were concerns about the health and network aspects of the system. With a need for a robust infrastructure management solution, CK Birla Hospitals sought assistance to optimize its AWS-based Hospital Management System.

AeonX Solution

AeonX Digital, although not initially involved in the project, stepped in to address the challenges faced by CK Birla Hospitals in managing their AWS-hosted infrastructure. The team implemented an autoscaling group for servers to dynamically adjust resources based on workload, ensuring optimal performance during high spikes in activity. Health and network monitoring tools were deployed to proactively identify and address issues, maintaining the stability and reliability of the healthcare infrastructure. AeonX Digital’s expertise in infrastructure management contributed to the seamless operation of the Hospital Management System on the AWS cloud. 

Results & Benefits

Through AeonX Digital’s proactive infrastructure management, CK Birla Hospitals experienced significant improvements in the performance and reliability of their Hospital Management System. The autoscaling group effectively balanced the workload during peak times, preventing performance bottlenecks and ensuring a smooth healthcare delivery process. The implementation of health and network monitoring tools allowed for early detection and resolution of potential issues, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance.  

 AeonX Digital’s intervention resulted in a more resilient and scalable healthcare infrastructure, providing CK Birla Hospitals with the confidence to navigate the dynamic demands of the healthcare industry efficiently.  

This collaboration fortified CK Birla Hospitals with a future-ready infrastructure, capable of adapting dynamically to the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare industry. The outcomes are clear – a robust and responsive system that not only meets the present challenges but positions CK Birla Hospitals for sustained success in the fast-paced realm of healthcare delivery.