AeonX Propels Kairish Innotech’s SAP Innovation to Cloud Heights

Executive Summary

Kairish Innotech, a pioneering force within the Dadachanji Group, epitomizes innovation in customized machines, medical devices, robotics, and automation. As they embark on implementing SAP S/4 HANA, their vision extends to deploying SAP S/4 HANA workloads on hyperscalers, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) emerging as the preferred partner. Seeking an end-to-end solution, Kairish Innotech looks to AeonX to navigate their SAP migration journey to AWS and provide seamless managed services for the infrastructure. 

Customer Challenge

With the strategic decision to implement SAP S/4 HANA and leverage hyperscalers, Kairish Innotech faced the challenge of selecting the right partner for their SAP workload migration to AWS. The complexity of setting up a Disaster Recovery solution further intensified the need for a comprehensive and experienced partner. They sought a seamless transition, end-to-end migration, and robust managed services for the AWS infrastructure, demanding a partner capable of meeting their exacting standards. 

AeonX's Solution

AeonX, recognizing the unique challenges of Kairish Innotech, proposed a holistic solution. Architecting and provisioning AWS infrastructure for SAP S/4 HANA workloads became the foundation of the strategy. The deployment of SAP workloads on AWS Cloud ensured a seamless transition, leveraging the scalability and reliability of AWS. AeonX committed to providing managed services for AWS infrastructure, tailored to the specific needs of Kairish Innotech. 

Partnering with Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd in India AZ, AeonX extended AWS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The solution included end-to-end SAP workload migration, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to the AWS cloud. Service level agreements and agreed-upon terms formed the backbone of the partnership, ensuring transparency and reliability throughout the migration process. 

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Kairish Innotech and AeonX unfolded transformative outcomes. The SAP S/4 HANA workloads seamlessly transitioned to AWS, unlocking the scalability, reliability, and innovation potential of the cloud. AeonX’s managed services for AWS infrastructure provided Kairish Innotech with a robust and efficient support system, ensuring the smooth operation of their SAP landscape. 

The partnership with AeonX empowered Kairish Innotech to focus on their core competencies, leveraging AWS to its full potential. The end-to-end migration not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a new standard for SAP innovation in the cloud. The results speak to the power of strategic collaboration, where AeonX not only addressed challenges but propelled Kairish Innotech towards a future of unparalleled efficiency and technological excellence.