SignX – Cloud Based Bulk Signature Solution

Invoices generated as a part of batch processing require digital signature to be placed automatically, as manual signing of each document could be time consuming. SAP currently does not support auto signing of documents in bulk. SignX allows bulk signing of documents directly form SAP in a faster and more convenient way. SignX provides you with a tool to sign and approve digital data. The digital signature ensures that the signatory of a digital document can be identified, and their name is documented together with the signed document, the date, and the time. SignX cockpit once implemented in SAP, allows user to extract any business documents from SAP in PDF format and digitally signs them in background with click of a button.

Benefits of using SignX

• SignX can work with SAP and/or any other ERP.

• It can be used as a standalone application as well.

• It requires minimal changes in existing setup

• It can adapt to customer specific needs.

Product Architecture:

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