OrderX is an Internet facing responsive web portal to facilitate Dealer Management and Distribution Portal with order placing facility to dealers of a company for smooth and effective distribution. The solution is very tightly integrated with ERP like SAP in the backend.

General Overview

• Bifurcated dashboards for Dealer, Admin & Developer.

• Custom Opening Hour Functionality (Encrypted so no one can change it.)

• Full blown user management for creating system users.

• Admin can manage Role & Permissions for granular permissions.

• Admin can re-arrange product shorting as per requirement.

• Admin can also set custom logout window after which Dealer will be logged out.

• Admin can Approve / Reject Products that are pushed from ERP and can be pushed to multiple regions.

• Admin can also Approve / Reject Dealers that are pushed from ERP and can be assigned with login credentials.

• Admin can manage credit limit of dealer from dashboard.

• Admin can login to dealer’s dashboard without password.

• Crucial Activities are logged with interactive filters. ( i.e. if admin orders on behalf of dealer).

• ERP Integration with REST API Interface using Authentication tokens.

• Systemwide Real time Announcement with Rich WYSIWYG text editor ( provide more flexibility for messages).

• Custom Opening Hour Functionality & display alert if closing time approaches near (works without refreshing page).

• Notification system for dealer & admin to get notified with ERP events ( i.e. new product added).

• Send monthly ledger directly to dealers.

• Download product list in excel that is custom for every dealer, it saves time while ordering.

• Dealer can view / manage orders along with its financial details direct from ERP ( i.e. credit limit).

• Dealer can draft orders in case they don’t have enough credit limit.

• Custom dashboard for dealer to get quick insight of orders.

• Product catalogue for dealers with Images & ERP Master Data details.

Case Studies