Streamline Your Supplier Management with SupplierX: The Ultimate SAAS Solution on AWS

Streamline Your Supplier Management with SupplierX: The Ultimate SAAS Solution on AWS


In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, supplier management has become increasingly important for companies to ensure efficient and effective operations. A comprehensive solution for supplier management can help companies reduce costs, improve supply chain visibility, and enhance collaboration with suppliers. One such solution is SupplierX, a SAAS product owned by Aeonx digital solution private limited, hosted on AWS. In this blog, we’ll explore the various features and tools that make SupplierX the ultimate SAAS solution for streamlined supplier management.

Supplier Onboarding

SupplierX simplifies the supplier onboarding process by collecting and verifying supplier information, including registration documents, financial data, and compliance information. With SupplierX, the onboarding process is streamlined, reducing the time and effort required for manual processing and allowing companies to onboard new suppliers in a matter of minutes. This feature helps companies to manage their supplier database more efficiently and enables them to quickly bring on board new suppliers when needed.

Supplier Self-Service

SupplierX offers a self-service portal for suppliers, allowing them to manage their information, update their profile, and submit invoices online. This feature empowers suppliers to take control of their own data, reducing the burden on procurement teams and improving communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers. The self-service portal helps suppliers to stay updated with their information and ensure the data is accurate, which reduces the likelihood of errors and delays in the procurement process.


SupplierX’s sourcing module enables companies to manage their sourcing activities, including requests for proposals (RFPs) and supplier selection. With SupplierX, companies can easily create and distribute RFPs, manage bid responses, and track supplier performance. This helps to streamline the sourcing process, enabling companies to identify the best suppliers quickly and efficiently. This feature helps companies to create an organized procurement process, which leads to better supplier selection, better pricing, and better supplier performance.

Reverse Auction

SupplierX’s reverse auction feature enables companies to conduct online auctions with suppliers, helping them to obtain the best prices and terms for their purchases. With SupplierX, companies can create auctions, manage bid responses, and track supplier performance in real-time, helping them to make informed decisions and obtain the best value for their money. This feature helps companies to create a competitive procurement environment, which leads to better pricing and better supplier performance.

Supplier Marketplace

Finally, SupplierX offers a supplier marketplace, allowing companies to discover new suppliers and connect with them. This feature enables companies to search for suppliers based on specific criteria, such as product type, location, and certifications. This makes it easier for companies to find new suppliers that meet their requirements and expand their supply chain network. The supplier marketplace feature helps companies to find new suppliers that meet their requirements, which leads to better pricing, better quality, and better supplier performance.


In conclusion, SupplierX is the ultimate SAAS solution for streamlined supplier management on AWS, offering a range of features and tools to streamline supplier onboarding, self-service, sourcing, reverse auction, and supplier marketplace. Hosted on AWS, SupplierX is a reliable and scalable solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any company, regardless of size or industry. With SupplierX, companies can improve their supplier management processes, reduce costs, and drive business success. It’s a must-have for companies that want to improve their procurement processes and stay ahead of the competition.