Streamlining operations and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: A Digital Transformation Journey with OrderX

Streamlining operations and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: A Digital Transformation Journey with OrderX


In 1994, snack industry laid its foundation stone and embarked on a journey to become one of the oldest and most renowned Indian snack brands. Over the years, the company expanded its reach, selling snacks and Namkeen both domestically and internationally. However, as their dealer network grew, the existing legacy system for order processing became sluggish and challenging to manage. This prompted them to seek a robust solution to streamline their operations. In this blog, we will delve into how AeonX, a remote team, spearheaded the transformation of snack industry dealer portal, revolutionizing their business processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.

I. Understanding Requirements:

To kickstart the project, AeonX diligently gathered detailed requirements from the snack industry. They aimed to create a dealer portal that would empower dealers with flexibility in ordering, enable direct order placement to the relevant factories, and improve the overall user experience.

II. Designing a Cutting-edge Solution:

Once the requirements were finalized, AeonX proceeded to design a solution architecture and a robust database for the dealer portal. The team ensured that the new system could handle a large volume of transactions seamlessly and facilitate the integration of backend ERP systems.

III. Development and Testing:

With the solution design in place, AeonX swiftly commenced the development of the dealer portal. Leveraging their expertise and remote work capabilities, they completed the development within a remarkable two-month timeframe. The portal was designed to accommodate their preference for data in JSON format, making it easier to integrate with their existing systems.

Testing played a crucial role in ensuring the portal’s functionality and user experience. AeonX and the snack industry team collaborated closely during this phase, conducting comprehensive end-to-end testing to identify any improvements or refinements needed.

IV. Advantages of the New Dealer Portal:

The revamped dealer portal brought a host of benefits for both the snack industry and its dealers. Let’s explore some key advantages:

1. Flexibility in Ordering: Dealers now have the freedom to order products based on their specific needs. The dealer portal allows them to customize order sizes to match their requirements accurately.

2. Streamlined Factory Direct Orders: For products manufactured in different locations, the portal facilitates direct order placement to the respective factories. This ensures efficient delivery and reduces unnecessary transit time.

3. Optimal Product Allocation: In scenarios where dealers order multiple products produced in different factories, the portal intelligently routes the order to the appropriate factory. This streamlines the distribution process, ensuring the dealers receive the products they require.

4. Quality Assurance: To prevent product spoilage during transit, the portal restricts dealers from purchasing items that may not withstand the shipping duration. This ensures that customers receive fresh and high-quality snacks.

5. Credit Limit Management: Snack Industry can now allocate different order values based on a dealer’s credit limit. This feature allows top dealers to place higher-value orders, maximizing sales and product allocation.

6. Convenient Credit Limit Visibility: Dealers can effortlessly access their credit limit information through the dealer portal. This eliminates the need for frequent communication to determine the available credit, saving time for both parties.

7. Automated Credit Release: With a live integration feature, the portal automates the credit release process once the vendor’s payment is received. This reduces manual intervention and enhances operational efficiency.

8. Order Tracking and Account Statements: Dealers can conveniently track the status of their orders through the portal. Additionally, they have access to detailed account statements, empowering them with comprehensive financial information.

V. Digital Transformation and Data Analytics:

AeonX helped Gopal Namkeen take a significant stride towards digital